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Click Bait Safety

We turned an appetite for pain into a force for good.

Introducing: The Clickbait Safety Announcements – luring young workers into knowing their rights. At the heart of the campaign were a series of clickbait-style videos, shot to appear as genuine CCTV footage leaked online. With thumb-stopping screengrabs, accompanied by devilishly alluring headlines, viewers were enticed in with the promise of a seemingly disastrous workplace accident.
Each video started with a boss irresponsibly asking a young worker to put themselves at risk. However, instead of watching someone get hurt, viewers watched someone speak up and encourage young workers to know their rights.
In just 6 weeks and with modest media investment, we reached over 9 million people. This was helped by almost 200,000 Facebook actions, and our videos enjoyed an average completion rate of 71%. We successfully took our audience’s dark fascination with the problem and presented the perfect solution.

CLIENT | WorkSafe Victoria

AGENCY | Naked Communications

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