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Cycling Safety

They deserve to die

Commuting to work on my bike, I noticed that drivers de-humanize cyclists. They refer to them as “that fucking cyclist,” “wanker,” or any number of profanities. This happens on the road, but especially online whenever the topic comes up.


I wanted to create something to remind drivers that cyclists are just like them, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, sisters, and brothers. I wanted drivers to see more than just a cyclist, and instead see a fellow human. 


I’m planning to get together with a local cycling organisation to create backpack covers that can remind drivers who they are sharing the road with. These could be handed out for free to cyclists on their commute.


The covers will be supported by OOH placements. To create these, I searched cycling topics on Facebook and found real comments by real people, here in Australia. Highlighting the behaviour back to people, and showing who they’re actually talking about when they talk about cyclists.

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