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For you who did that thing you did

MARS is one of the oldest, most iconic chocolate bars sitting on any shelf. But in a cluttered and highly competitive category, and with some big personalities to contend with, MARS needed to carve out its own positioning that reflected today’s society. MARS has launched a new platform ‘For You Who Did That Thing You Did,’ created with Thinkerbell, which taps into the insight that people engage in a kind of mental self-bribery to complete everyday tasks. Rewarding themselves for finishing the smallest of things.


MARS saw an opportunity to own this space, to help consumers celebrate their everyday achievement or ‘thing,’ and plant the seed that said reward should be a MARS bar with delicious caramel, nougat and chocolate. Across TV, OOH and radio the chocolate bar is framed as a reward for its consumers’ bouts of effort ranging on the scale of extremely small to small-medium. Everything from parallel parking, finally watering a much-neglected pot plant, and remembering your workmate’s pet’s birthday. All things you might not phone home about but, in MARS’ eyes at least, don’t deserve to go completely unacknowledged or unrewarded.



MARS | For You Who Did That Thing You Did
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