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In the wake of the 2020 mental-health crisis, Beyond Blue needed to make more people aware of their support services. Without any more money to spend. So we created new media channels to reach this audience on an ultra-personal level. Without spending an extra cent. 
We asked Aussies to update their Voicemail message and Out Of Office reply with messages directing people to Beyond Blue support. Turning these spaces into mini Beyond Blue media channels. The idea was taken up by everyday Aussies, celebrities, and corporate partners, driving increased PR attention and most importantly, more calls for support.

CLIENT | Beyond Blue

AGENCY | The Royals


LIA - London International Awards 

Radio & Audio. Public Service/NGO/Charities.

AWARD awards 

Purpose shortlist. Finalist. 

Health and Wellness. Finalist.


Media Campaign of the year.. Finalist. 

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Radio & Audio

Work for Good

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